Are you buying a house without a survey? Well, building surveys are not compulsory. It is optional. However, if you don’t take the help of a surveyor, you might never come across the defects in your house. Many people consider this a waste of money! But the smart ones are aware that this is a one-time investment that will save you from recurring expenses. 

When you purchase a house without the home buyer’s survey, you leave yourself to a host of unfortunate things that can make your life a living hell in the coming days. Thus, building surveys in Faringdon are not only a necessity but a saviour as well. 

What does a building surveyor do? 

The primary work is to inspect every detail of your property minutely and find the probable defects that are present in the same. In case you get this done from a certified surveyor, then they will guide you with the decision of purchasing the property. They’ll also provide a report that will contain all details of findings along with probable costs of repairs or replacements. 

In simple words, they act as a guiding light before a long and uncertain future! Appoint a professional surveyor and purchase a new and non-defective home. 

What are the defects that they investigate?

There’s a non-exhaustive list of defects that your surveyor might unveil in the process of inspection. They’ll check every part of the property and its surroundings. Even the electrical wirings and the water lines will not go uninspected. Although there are a large number of minor problems as well that they highlight. 

However, here’s a list of some significant and complex defects that you should never miss out on. If you move into the house with such defects in place, your pockets will eventually get empty. 

Dampness of walls

Rising dampness on the walls or the ceiling areas can be a real threat in the long run. Even if you spend money on repairing the same, it keeps coming back. Thus, the surveyors look for mouldy walls, condensations, water accumulations, and broken wall paints in different parts of the house.

Leaking roofs

Roofs are the head of the house and shelter you through all weather conditions. Considering the state of the roof is of utmost importance. Thus, a surveyor will conduct an extensive roof survey. They will check the materials used to build the roof, the gutter condition and look for cracks on the roof tiles.

Worm infestations

Woodworms are the critters that can cause significant damage to all wooden and timber furniture pieces in your home. Hence, if you move in unknowingly into a house with the same infestation, you’re doomed. Surveyors will look into the corners and outer surfaces of the house to locate the presence of woodworm infestation. They also suggest remedial measures in case you want to buy the property.

Shallow foundations

The first thing that a surveyor will check is the foundation of the building. The base is the central part of the house as the whole structure rests on the same. If they find subsidence, ingrown tree roots and dry soil conditions in the foundation part of the house, then there’s a high probability that the house might get affected in the long run. Moreover, if they fund cracks on the foundation part, it’s advisable not to purchase it.

If you’re looking for a new house in Faringdon, hire certified building surveyors from Langmead Associates. Our professional and flawless survey will help you make an informed decision about purchasing a house.